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ip over Annex G

Please tell me how to solve the problem:

It is necessary to connect IP-LANs

central and regional offices over x25 network.

In region, router connected to x25 network trought x25 protocol.

In Center, in additional, need connect to Internet.

router 2650 connected to ISP trougth Frame Relay with two DLCI:

dlci-110 for x25, dlci-316 for PPP to Internet.

Used protocol fully equivalent given here example:

In this cheme Router-1 equivalent regional router 1750.

Router-3 equivalent central router 2650.

Router-2 and Router-4 is ignored.

In given example, command "x25 map ip ..." make

interconnecting networks routers 1 and 4

But need interconnect networks routers 1 and 3

The problem is that, in Router-3 Annex G is used

and there is no opportunity to use command

(Config-if)# x25 map ip 1234

How interconnect IP-LANs routers 1 and 3 ?

my current config:

2 additional Serial with crossover cable.


version 12.1

x25 profile SI dte

x25 htc 64

x25 win 7

x25 wout 7

x25 routing

interface FastEthernet0/0

ip address

interface Serial0/0

bandwidth 64

no ip address

encapsulation frame-relay IETF

no ip mroute-cache

frame-relay interface-dlci 16

x25-profile SI

frame-relay lmi-type ansi


interface Serial0/0.2 point-to-point

bandwidth 64

ip address

frame-relay interface-dlci 319


interface Serial0/1

no ip address

encapsulation x25 dce ietf

clockrate 2000000


interface Serial0/2

ip address

encapsulation x25 ietf

x25 address 12345

x25 map ip 11111 broadcast compress

x25 map ip 22222 broadcast compress

x25 map ip 33333 broadcast compress

x25 map ip 44444 broadcast compress

ip classless

ip route

ip route

ip route

ip route

x25 route .* interface Serial0/0 dlci 16

x25 route 12345 interface Serial0/1


please, E-mail me about this config.

Russia, Penza city.


Re: ip over Annex G

I wonder if this is an IOS feature yours doesn't support. You should check it on feature navigator at


Re: ip over Annex G

we do not support IP encapsulation in the x25 profiles for annexg - it is a method for remote switching of X25 packets. Please see link below:

Community Member

Re: ip over Annex G

It's clear that is IOS do not support IP encapsulation in the x25 profiles for annexg.

That's why we use following configuration:

At this moment we installed an additional two-port

unit WIC-2T into 2650, bind its ports by pair of DTE-DCE cables to

each other and transmit X.25 traffic from Frame-Relay to one of those

additional ports, get the traffic from another additional port and do

"x25 map ip..." on it.

It's amazing that's Cisco IOS can't realize more correct solution?

would the command "translate" help me in this problem ?

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