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IP phones in the wiring closet and supervisor selection

In a basic IP telephony scenario, with a 6500 w/ Sup2/MSFC2 in the core and then dual gig uplinks to 6500's or 4500's in the wiring closets. What type of supervisor (at a minimum) is required to support the IP phones in the closet?

For instance, the cheapest supervisor is:

Catalyst 6000 Supervisor Engine1A, Enhanced QoS, 2GE


Will this work? Or is a PFC required like the one below?

Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine-2, 2GE, plus PFC-2


If a PFC isn't required, what advantage would it provide. What advantage will a full MSFC2/PFC2 provide in the wiring closet in a basic telephony (data vlan, voice vlan) configuration.

Also for the 4500, What sup is recommend for ip telephony in the closet? Sup 1, 2, 3, or 4? Would I need the layer 3 software image even though I'm not doing layer 3 routing in the closet?

Your comments are appreciated


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Re: IP phones in the wiring closet and supervisor selection

If you are planning on using a CAT6500, then you'll need a PFC to do QoS. If you are not planning on routing, just go with a Sup2/PFC2. (WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE is end of life )

If you are using 4500, Sup3 should be good as it has rich feature set compared to Sup2. Sup3/4 runs only IOS and hence you'll be runinng IOS on it which is Layer 3 capable. You might also want to look at the 24 port inline power 3550's

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Re: IP phones in the wiring closet and supervisor selection

The customer is requiring "10/100/1000 ports with inline power" in the closet. As far as I know, this would require a 6500, as there is nothing else that can do this as far as I know??

I don't really understand why since the IP Phone is going to bring the PC down to 100mbit anyways, as there are no 1000base-T IP Phones yet.

Any thoughts?


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