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ip-prec-bit setting with router-map AND cef


is it possible to use route-map to set the ip-prec-bit in the following way:

route-map set_ip_prec permit 10

match ip address voip

set ip precedence critical


route-map set_ip_prec permit 20

match ip address premium

set ip precedence flash-override


route-map set_ip_prec permit 30

match ip address gold

set ip precedence flash


route-map set_ip_prec permit 40

match ip address silver

set ip precedence immediate


route-map set_ip_prec permit 50

set ip precedence priority



interface FastEthernet0/0.1

encapsulation dot1Q 1 native

ip address

ip policy route-map set_ip_prec


(and of course i have acl´s which match the traffic)


i did some testing and saw that as long as i had cef enabeld the route-map did not work.

as i disabled cef - everything was ok - is this "normal" ???

thanks for an answer

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Re: ip-prec-bit setting with router-map AND cef

Actually I would use "service-policy input" rather than "ip policy" since the ip policy is usually used for policy-based routing, whereas setting QoS works best with "service policy".

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Re: ip-prec-bit setting with router-map AND cef


thanks for an answer!

the problem is that i have an ios which is not able to set the ip-prec bit

with the "set ip prec - Command .

But the ip policy-Command is ok.

So the only question is:

Is cef and "ip-policy" to set the prec-bit possible ??

thanks for an answer !

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