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ip route issue

We’ve two routers. One router is our local router to the Internet. The second router is connected to a remote site thru a dedicated frame relay line. Our Exchange 5.5 server is sitting behind the local router. We want to reroute every email that has attached to go to the frame relay router; we don’t want any email with attached to go to the Internet. I’ve configured my Exchange server to reroute incoming email to the specific IP address in the remote site. I then added a command to my local router so that it can route this specific IP address from my Exchange server to the frame relay router. The command I used is: ip route destination_IP_address next_hop_inside_IP_address. The administrator at the remote site tells me that this is not working because my test email to him arrives with my local ISP's header attached to my email. I believe I’ve done everything I need to do at my end and the remote administrator needs to configure his end as well. Am I correct? Is there something else that needs to be done at my end?


Re: ip route issue


No! According to your mail, this is not the problem with IP routing. You can confirm it through Traceroute from your router to that particular Dest IP address and observe is it going through Frame Relay. If not, check Frame relay mapping. I strongly believe that this is problem with System Configuration may be at any side.



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Re: ip route issue

When I did something similar to this a couple of years ago. It was different in that I was rerouting incoming mail, not outgoing. However, you should be able to accomplish what you are wanting using similar settings. I'm going to shoot from the hip on this (I don't have a copy of Exchange to look at), so please bear with me if I'm a little off on tabs and such.

The simpliest way to accomplish this would be to reroute the messages using the IMC in Exchange. In the IMS properties page, on the "Routing" tab, you can reroute email. Click the "Add" button and add to the list and tell it the IP address that the mail for should be rerouted to.

I also seem to remember something about the Connections tab. There is a button in the Message Delivery section that allows you to specify where to deliver messages destined for a specific domain. Click the button and see if it applies to your situation. <>

Depending on your setup, you may have to play around with the Address Space tab also. Most installations have a wildcard to allow it to accept messages to any domain, so it may not be an issue for you.

Anyway, play around with the IMS. It can accomplish what you are asking. Good luck!

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