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ip routing

I am using a cisco 1605R Router.

How can I access the router from my PC? and how can I Rout a static IP to my PC?

I am using PcAnywhere and need to be able to access my PC from behind the router. (I have a static IP).

Appriciate any help.


Re: ip routing


could you give more information about how you are using this router?


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Re: ip routing

Hi, Thanks for your help;

We are just using the router to access the internet and have 5 PCs connected to it. I need to be able to direct the static IP which is given to me by the provider to my desktop PC with a local IP address.

I am trying to get to my PC from a remote location, but my PC sits behind this router.

Thank You.

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Re: ip routing

You need an IP NAT static configuration, please


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Re: ip routing


As Edsion post, you need NAT

but a better link would be :

as you probably need PAT on a specific port.

I believe that you are already doing nat to permit all 5 PCs to get out to the internet ,correct?

for instance, do it like this for a web-server:

internet interface:

int s1

ip add IP-internet mask

ip nat outside

internal interface

int fa0/0

ip add IP-internal mask

ip nat inside

then configure static PAT (globally)

ip nat inside source list 1 interface s1 overload

ip nat inside source static tcp your-machine-IP 80 serial-IP 80 extendable

access-list 1 permit internal-network WC


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Re: ip routing

Hi thanks for your help.

My main problem is accessing the router, I do not know how to access the router from my PC (Router is physicaly hard to reach).

I do not have a web server, I just have 5 PCs connected to 1605R Router and the Router is connected to internet (using T1).

After I access the Router, then problem becomes how to program it to direct the outside IP to my PC within this private network behind the Router.

Thanks for any help.


Re: ip routing


If you wish to use PCanywhere, you might need to do something like the following in addition to the basic NAT config from the previous posts:

ip nat inside source static tcp your-machine-IP 5631 serial-IP 5631

ip nat inside source static udp your-machine-IP 5632 serial-IP 5632

That should allow you to access it via PCanywhere..

Hope that helps - pls do rate the psot if it does.


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Re: ip routing

You can access the router doing a telnet to the gateway configured in the PC.

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