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IP Telephony over LRE?

Has anybody has successfully deployed IP Telephony over LRE? In theory, I would think it would be no problem but I have not seen it done yet. I am looking at a small implementation (<20 phones) using 7960 sets connected to LRE CPE sets. I am assuming that neither the 575 or 585 CPE devices provide inline power because I could not find any mention of that on the data sheets. I also wonder how connecting IP phones into LRE devices affect CDP that phones need to configure themselves. Does everything have to be hard-coded into the phone or will LRE pass VLAN information over CDP?


Re: IP Telephony over LRE?

It is sure that IP telephony can be implemented over LRE.But,have not come across any practical implementations.I think u need to hardcode Cdp information into the ip phones since Ip phones are non cdp enabled.

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Re: IP Telephony over LRE?

We do have a forum specifically for IP telephony. You might want to post this question, there.

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Re: IP Telephony over LRE?

I did alot of LRE work when I was at Cisco. You can do IPT over LRE but there is no queuing strategies other than FIFO on the 575 devices. If you have more than a phone hanging off the device there is no qos strategy.


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