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IPM data migration to another system


I've currently IPM v2.4 running on a Solaris server. Now I need to move this configuration to a more performant server. So I installed everything on this new server. But how to move the all IPM data from the old to the new system?

The documentation indicates there's an automatic backup every night and how to start the restore procedure (./ipm dbrestore) but doesn't indicate which files are necessary for the restore and where these are/should be located.

Other resources are saying you need to copy the original db-files, IPMDB.db, IPMDB.log, ipm.env and .dbpassword.

Very confusing.


Re: IPM data migration to another system

Just to clarify, your one server is running IPM 2.4 and the other new server is also running the same v2.4 on Solaris?


Re: IPM data migration to another system

On the Solaris box: /opt/CSCOipm/bin/ipm dbbackup

This will create the backup files in: /opt/CSCOcwbS/db/CSCOipm/backup

Then copy those files to the same directory on your other Solaris server, it should be something like:


Then on the other box, run: $NMSROOT\CSCOipm\bin\ipm dbrestore

All your sources, targets, collectors are in: /opt/CSCOipm/etc

You may want to copy those files in case the database does not have them. Hope this helps.

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Re: IPM data migration to another system

Indeed both systems are running IPM v2.4.1.

Thanks for the help.

rgds, Geert.

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