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IPM email alert notification

I have IPM running on W2k configured to use the SA Agent between two cisco routers. One is configred as the target and the other as the source. Within IPM, thresholds have been set, if the thresholds are breached, SNMP traps are generated at the routers and sent to the W2k server. Is there a way to have IPM forward these snmp traps to an email address or pager??? From all documentation I've read, it seems like you would need a third party vendor that would receive and act upon these traps. If this is true, can anyone recommend an application that can do this??

preferrable a freeware tool.

Thank you.


Re: IPM email alert notification

The IPM application does not have an SNMP trap receiver capability. IPM has a capability to configure an SA Agent operation to throw SNMP traps when the user-defined threshold is violated. However, also realize that throwing the trap is a function of the router running the SA Agent source operations. IPM does not do a trap, it does not forward traps.

If you want to change how the traps are being handled you have to go to the router config and look to it's "snmp-server host" trap config. You can send those traps to another application (once again, not IPM since it doesn't have a trap receiver) that does the email/paging functions you request.

For a free-ware trap receiver you might look to NET-SNMP tools at

You could obtain that CLI-based SNMP manager/agent and trap receiver and integrate it with your own scripts to do emails/pages.

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