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IPX & 6509

I have a LAN segment in which I wish to move the routing from a 7206 to a new 6509. On the 7206, The interface I want to move has the one main segment (172.16.x.y/24) and around 15 secondary interfaces of various networks (My predecessors apparently didn't like sub-interfaces). Unfortunately, IPX is also being routed off of that interface. I want to separate all of these IP networks into individual VLAN's and route between them. My question is how can I get this one IPX network amongst the vlan's that need it? Is this possible? I am running native 12.1(11b) w/ redundant sup2s.


Re: IPX & 6509

You can assign the ipx network under the vlan interface of the new vlan you create for the ipx nodes.

When you create vlans for the other ip subnets,

int vlan 10 for 172.16.x.y

int vlan 11 for next subnet....till 15 subnets...

You will be configuring the appropriate ip address under each vlan interface. Determine, which all vlans are going to have IPX and assign the appropriate ipx network to each vlan interface. Enable IPX routing on the 6509 MSFC before doing this.

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