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IPX over WAN

A customer wants to connect two of their sites and pass IPX traffic back and forth over a DSL connection. I'm not that familiar with IPX, but I know we (the ISP) won't route their IPX traffic for them. It will need to be IP when it passes through our network. The customer would need to put an IP header on it before it makes it to the DSL modem and out onto our network. I'm not sure what they would need to do on their ends to make this work. I'm guessing a VPN between locations and maybe tunnel the IPX traffic through the VPN???

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: IPX over WAN


a solution would be to create a GRE tunnel between the 2 customer routers and enable IPX over this tunnel.

the configuration would (basically) look like this:

Interface tunnel 1

tunnel source

tunnel destination

ipx network AA

you can also encrypt this tunnel in case data integrity and confidentiality is a requirement.

Your tunnel interface can be used from both ends as a regular IPX interface over which you can do IPX routing.

Hope this helps.

Ciao :-)

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Re: IPX over WAN

Depending on the size of the IPX network, you may also want to use EIGRP for IPX and disable IPX RIP/SAP over the tunnel. This would cut down on overhead (routing/service updates) on a slower WAN connection.


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