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IPX routing on CAT4232

Which IOS version is best suited for 4006 sII for IPX routing(I am using cat4232-in-mz.120-18.W5.22b now).

Since GNS feature is on by default and the ROUTER will reply the server from the top of the server table to the CLIENT.If the server listed on the first line and with limited license number,then all clients will have no chance connect to any server.Is the server table dynamic if all server remain unchange.And any parameter that I can change the order if the IPX server list table ?

Can I routed IP traffic but bridged IPX traffic for this box ?

Cisco Employee

Re: IPX routing on CAT4232

I have no problem with the latest code on the box for ipx.

The answer to your second question is no. The 4232g-L3 can not do IRB (see CSCdr31970).

New Member

Re: IPX routing on CAT4232

It's been awhile since I looked at IPX, but clients that simply attach to IPX servers are not counted toward the license. It's only when they log in to the box, so GNS shouldn't be a problem no matter which IPX server is listed first. As for the second question, yes, you can configure bridge-groups to bridge IPX and anything else for that matter. Hope it helps..


New Member

Re: IPX routing on CAT4232

I try to find the sniffer traced data but could not get it now(I also turn off the GNS now).But from the prior sniffer traced data I got the symptom :

Client sent request and Router reply the server listed in table number 1.

server then respond with no free connection slot.

Client again sent out the request and Router reply with the same server ,

The same server again respond with no free connection slot.Finally the client failed to connect.Seems that the router acting as a proxy and never release the other server for the client under a certain VLAN.

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