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Ir Router 805 good for my office?

Hi need to select a router,

I already have a 128kbps NTU with V.35 interface.

And have already 2 domains for the two different divisions of my company.

What I need is:

-Connect my office LAN (20PC's) to the Internet for email and regular www browsing.

-Put 2 mail servers POP3 and SMTP

-Put 2 WWW servers

The more economic offer I have is Cisco 805 router.

Is it good for this application? Or should I choose a different one?



Cisco Employee

Re: Ir Router 805 good for my office?

I think you got the right equipment as 805 can have one serial and only 10MB ethernet..BUT is 128K pipe up/down is enough for all?..Tejal

Community Member

Re: Ir Router 805 good for my office?

Well, here in Mexico, for 256K i have to pay double that 128K (700USD for 128K), so at the moment, thats all I can aford.

-My WWW sites are not intented to be for high traffic, they are more like "Bussiness Cards".

-The Mail servers will be medium traffic.

-The Web Browsing is just expected to be continuos and relyable.

My question will be:

The fact of having only 10Mb in the Ethernet port of the 805, will affect the performance of my LAN, wich is actually running at 100Mb??

Or, will it be a bottleneck for the Internet access??

My "stupid" question is:

are the 10Mb, 100Mb (from the ethernet ports) and the 128Kb (from the NTU), the same units??

I mean is 128Kb=0.128Mb?? and those Mb the same units that the Mb from the ethernet??

Am i comparing apples with apples (or oranges)??



PS:As I can see this is a forum for Networking professionals, (which I am very far to be), if this is not the place for me to ask, can you please point me to some other forum?

Cisco Employee

Re: Ir Router 805 good for my office?

I think you got the first bottleneck between 100MB (LAN) to 10MB(router) and second on the internet side which is 128Kb. (Assumming PC with 100MB.....LAN switch...10MB 805......128K..internet.. as setup)

The combined speed of PC's running 100MB is much more then 10MB..So it will be like a funnel.

And yes 128Kb=.128MB

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