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Is high-speed async connectivity (56k V.90) supported in IOS 11.3(5)?

I have a Cisco 2509 running 11.3(5) IOS with the octal cable configured for PPP dial-up for remote users. Works great except that I can get connect speeds only up to 26k. I take the modems off the cisco and put them on an ascend box and I get 54k consistently.

My question is, do I need a firmware or software upgrade to get the high speed connection? If so, what version supports it?


Re: Is high-speed async connectivity (56k V.90) supported in IOS

Ascend must have a digital link coming into itself. If not, it must be fooling you with the speeds its showing. You must have to have a digital link like a PRI coming directly into your RAS if you want to achieve 56K speeds. Its technology limitation as

if you have an analog line (POTS) instead of a digital link, an additional D/A conversion will take place there, thus ruling out the possibility of any greater than V.34 speeds.


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Re: Is high-speed async connectivity (56k V.90) supported in IOS

Assuming that you have 2500 serier routers with external Analog modems connected to a POTS line...and users are dialing in to those modems using a analog modems in their laptop/desktop etc..

Analog modem connecting to Analog modem over POTS line will not give speed better then V.34..So speed you are getting is nearly ok..

To get speed 56K, you need one side of the telco as digital .. like

Analog modem---pots/analog line----------telco------digital/T1 line------AS(router with digital modems)

How's the dial network setup with Ascend box..?

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