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Is there a way to turn off address learning on a 2924-XL port?

I have a WS-C2924-XL running Version 12.0(5.1)XP IOS. The main purpose for this switch is to provide span ports for sniffers & IDS NetRangers in our Internet Space that is supported by 2 Cat 4006 switches. Each 4K has monitor ports that feed the 2924 which in turn has monitor ports that feed the sniffers and/or IDS. Because of the type of traffic coming from the 4K switches, the 2924 spends a large amount of time learning mac addresses. Since this is all monitored traffic, is there a way to turn off this feature on the ports being monitored of the 2924.


Re: Is there a way to turn off address learning on a 2924-XL por

When you configure a port as the network port, the switch deletes all associated addresses from the address table and disables learning on the port. If you configure other ports in the VLAN as secure ports, the addresses on those ports are not aged. If you move a network port to a VLAN without a network port, it becomes the network port for the new VLAN.

Disabling a Network Port

Beginning in privileged EXEC mode, follow these steps to disable a network port:

1 configure terminal

Enter global configuration mode.

2 interface interface

Enter interface configuration mode, and enter the port to be configured.

3 no port network

Disable the port as the network port.

4 end

Return to privileged EXEC mode.

5 show running-config

Verify your entry.

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