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Is there command in IOS to name the ports

Hi ,

There default ports given in the IOS .We can use both to refer those ports by names as well as port numbers .Can we customize it and to the defaut list ports by names not by numbers. or I want to use it use customized ports used for my applications by names in my access list.

Is there any command to create customized ports by Name.




Re: Is there command in IOS to name the ports


In Native IOS for the 6500's and 7600's there is a Macro concept which will allow you to referrence ports by name when in configuration mode. no show commands nor referrences in your access-lists. This is an example of creating a macro "accounting" and using it to shut all ports within it down.

router(config)#define interface-range accounting fastEthernet 6/1 - 48

router(config)#interface range macro accounting


Hope this is what you were looking for,


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Re: Is there command in IOS to name the ports

Hi Don,

Thanx for replying me ,I am still not clear abt what you mentioned.See what my problem is when we make an extended access lists we can define source and destination ports.there is standard list of ports there to be used in access list that we can use by number or name.If we want to customize the port according to our default application we can add that port by number only.Is there a way to refer those ports by names in my access list.and can we add these customized TCP/UDP ports in the default list which is displayed, so that we can refer it when ever we like in our access-lists by name.


access-list 100 permit tcp any any eq Nortonvirus

Here Nortonvirus keyword should refer to the port 5000. and this name and port mapping should get added to the default list so that i can refer I am assuming nortons application is using port number 5000.

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