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Is this possible?

Is there any way in IOS to use a ping to a specific IP address as a keepalive? I am trying to implement a failover between two ISP connections without using BGP. I want the connection to switch to the backup if Layer 3 reachibility is lost, not when the Layer1 or Layer2 link fails.

Incoming traffic is not important, so there is no need to announce a specific subnet. The outgoing traffic will be nat'ed to an address on the outbound gateway device, so return traffic will traverse that link.

I know that there are other products that will do this, but don't know of a way in IOS.

Thanks for your help

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Re: Is this possible?

So I assume you don't have any routing protocols at all running and will be using static routes.

You can just use a weighted static route for your backup link.

The router will only insert a route if the next hop is alive. So if your primary link fails the route will get removed and the weighted route will get inserted.

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Re: Is this possible?

I do not know of a way to do this, either. However, With co-operation of your ISP, there are several possibilities.

One would be to use a GRE tunnel and floating static routes. The Tunnel uses TCP keep-alive, and would provide a L3 way to tell if the path to your ISP was functional.

Another way would be to have your ISP send you a host route in any convenient routing protocol. You could then use a route map / Default information originate based on the existence of this route. Most of the IGP routing protocols will do this.

A third way to consider would be to run ODR, and allow CDP to discover the next hop on the ISP network. I would have to try that before I was sure it would work, and the ISP would have to have Cisco routers.

Good luck.


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