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ISA and CISCO 802

Hello there !

Ok actually in my network I have the following, a router Cisco 802 with a connection to the Internet of 128kbps, a Local Area Network with a subnet of 192.168.1.x. My issue is I want to put an ISA Server (Microsoft) inside of my LAN. I follow the instruction of the manufacturer regarding the configuration of the ISA. I think my problem is in the configuration of my router, when the router is connected to my LAN switch the B1 and B2 are up, so everyone can access the Internet, when I want to connect my router to the NIC card of the ISA channel B1 and B2 drop the connection, and I have no more connection to the Internet, what can be the issue on this, does anyone have a configuration of a router 802 connected to a Proxy Server...

Best regards,

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Re: ISA and CISCO 802

Try rebooting the router to clear the arp table.

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Re: ISA and CISCO 802

Assuming that you have 2 Ip's on your ethernet interface of the router. You should have your public or private address on their and your ISA server should be on the same subnet. Are you running ISA or Microsoft Proxy? If you are running Proxy, I have seen it configured which the LAN and the router are on different subnets. So, on the outside NIC of the server you would have and the router would be 172,16.1.1. The inside NIC on the server could be This would work fine. There is nothing special to configure on the router. Appears to be a configuration issue on the Proxy server.

Hope this helps.

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