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ISDN 2b+1d support on incoming connection.

I'm planning to put in a Cisco1721 with 2 ISDN card to support for 15 incoming ISDN call from remote site.Can it be done?each of my remote site has only a few users.

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Re: ISDN 2b+1d support on incoming connection.

Can you explain this a little better? At the most, you can support 4 64k calls simultaneously. That doesn't take into account how many remote sites you have or the possibility as to how many might try to dial in at the same time.

If your question is if theoretically tou can configure 15 interfaces for the remote sites in the 1721 the answer is yes.

Use dialer profiles and put the BRI's in the same pool

Interface BRI0/0

encap ppp

ppp authen chap

no ip address

dialer pool-member 4 priority 255

isdn switch-type whatever

isdn spid1 whatever

isdn spid2 whatever


interface Dialer1

bandwidth 64

ip address whatever

encapsulation ppp

dialer pool 4

dialer-group 1

no peer neighbor-route

ppp authentication chap

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