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ISDN and Cisco 766 Please Help!

I have just had an ISDN line installed at my home. I am using a Cisco 766 ISDN router. I have 64K unlimited internet service through Bellsouth. My problem is that most of the time I can't receive incoming phone calls. Sometimes I can. But most times I don't receive them. Sometimes I get a busy signal, sometimes it rings once or twice and then goes to a fast busy. Is there something in the configuration that I need to check. I have monitered the line and when it is busy there is an outgoing call active to my ISP. Should my ISP service be setup for my 2nd number instead of my first (original before ISDN) phone number? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Cisco Employee

Re: ISDN and Cisco 766 Please Help!

Mostly your isp have given you just 1 isdn b channel (64kbps) active..where you can talk to just isp..So when the isp connection is active, you will get the busy signal..

Ask bellsouth for 2nd b channel too and configure the router like following to receive the phone calls too.

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Re: ISDN and Cisco 766 Please Help!

Thank you very much. Seems like my problem is pointing more and more towards the ISP and Telco side.

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