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isdn auto call problem


I have a isdn config on the 3640 route. On the BRi1/0, I have two dialer profile to U.k. and Switzerland. I get message from Switzerland office,

he receive message every 45s from my 3640 router, also I can get call out info from show isdn active of the 3640 route. It looks like isdn auto starting call to Switzerland, but I never start

any connection to the office. Following is


interface Dialer1

ip address 10.x.x.x x.x.x.0

encapsulation ppp

dialer pool 1

dialer remote-name Fribourg_isdn_backup

dialer idle-timeout 300

dialer fast-idle 5

dialer string 01141....

dialer load-threshold 128 outbound

dialer-group 5

no fair-queue

ppp authentication chap

ppp multilink


who can help me? Thanks.


New Member

Re: isdn auto call problem

Common causes of ISDN's being raised every minute are:

CDP, SNMP/ICMP polling from network management stations (OV, Tivoli, etc) Local Broadcast traffic (NT/Netbios etc), SYSLOG/Accounting, SNMP linkstate traps, and running routing protocols on the dialer interface.

You should be able to see the cause of a dial session by doing show dialer on the initiating end.

Adjust the dialer-list so that you don't consider broadcasts interesting. Disable CDP, switch snmp link state traps off on all ISDN lines.

Repeat the show dialer each time the link is raised and determine if the dial cause is expected (interesting) and if not adjust the dial-list ACL, or otherwise adjust your configuration to remove the cause until the problem is solved.

Good luck, Jeremy.

New Member

Re: isdn auto call problem

Thanks, Jeremy.

Host and traffic make ISDN

starting call out, after filer traffic on the dialer, no more auto starting. How to remove two host traffic from dialer?


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