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ISDN Back up for Ethernet RF

Dear Friends,

We are trying to give a customer a backup solution for RF.His primary is RF.

Connectiivity is like this...

ISP Router WAN-->Customer router WAN--> Customer Router LAN--> RF Modem --> RF --> RF Modem -->Customer end firewall.

Now.. a new 803 router with 1E is on picture. This router will be connected to customer end LAN and all traffic towards ISP will be thru this router.As the modems used for RF is no IP based, we cannot give direct solution as if any modem goes down then dial isdn to the ISP end customer router.As this is an ethernet media we are very confused of how to give a back up solution.

One idea is to create tunnel between this 803 router at customer end and customer router's which is located at ISP (source and destination will be both routers ethernet IP). For any reason if any of the RF modems go down or for any reason RF goes down then ISDN should initiate and connect the other routers isdn number.Will this solution work..

Or any other solution available..Any one has faced such a problem...Kindly help me...


Re: ISDN Back up for Ethernet RF

I would run a routing protocol between the new 803 router and the customer router at the ISP prem. The router at the ISP will advertise a default route to the 803. In the 803, have a floating static pointing the default to the dialer interface. This floating static needs to have a higher admin distance than your routing protocol. In this config, when the RF is up, the 803 will send traffic to the ISP prem router over the RF. When the RF is down, the 803 will lose the default route it learned from the far end, and place a call when there is interesting traffic. For this to work, the customer's firewall will need to have its default route point to the 803.



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