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isdn backup

center use one ISDN line as backup for two remote spke router

we persue a solution: when isdn is used as backup line for one spoke at multilink speed 128k, another router at the same time want to use the backup line too. So is there a way to let the first router free one B channel for the other router?

center router


isdn network

/ \

router1 router2

Cisco Employee

Re: isdn backup use the dialer profile with "dialer max-link 1" command to restrict the incoming connection for one link only so that you have one channel each reserved for each spoke router..Here is the url for more

Configuring back with dialer profiles

Community Member

Re: isdn backup

but I want to use two channels for backup one spoke

and want to release one channel for another spoke when needed

Cisco Employee

Re: isdn backup

You need to explain in clear detail about when and on what situation you want to free a b-channel..But there is a command "dialer fast-idle" which will disconnect the connection on a b-channel when the line becomes idle for configured length of time, the current call is disconnected immediately and the new call is is the link that explain more

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