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ISDN BRI: Auto dial question.

Hardware: Cisco 1760 w/ 1B-U-V2 WIC.

IOS: Not sure; we have not yet received the order; I'm expecting 12.2 or 12.3.

I'm preparing for the configuration of two routers, so I will be ready when they arrive.

A fundamental question on ISDN connectivity:

This will be a point-to-point link, and we will not be using DDR. Upon boot, we want the routers to automatically connect to their remote partner. I have not come across any information that specifically says how to do this. Is it as simple as using the "dialer string" command as in my following example, or is there more to it?

Thanks in advance.

Example partial config (ignore all other options such as ppp, called number identification, calling number identification, etc.; this is only to make the routers automatically connect to each other when booted):

isdn switch-type switch-type

interface BRI0

isdn spid1 spid-number [ldn]

isdn spid2 spid-number [ldn]

dialer string dial-string[:isdn-subaddress]



{more config commands}




Re: ISDN BRI: Auto dial question.

If you will not be using DDR, them you will configure ISDN Leased Line more than sure.

The basic config for ISDN LL at 128kbps is very easy:

isdn switch-type switch-type

isdn leased-line BRI0 128

interface BRI0

ip address ...

encapsulation ppp

Here is a link that explains the configuration and monitoring details:


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