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ISDN BRI Continue dial fail - what will happen

Just want to know any expert can give me some ideas if,

The ISDN BRI at remote router dialing multiple site (main & secondary DC) but only the main site can get through. The secondary site at normal time is shutdown.

Observation from my setup:

The router will automatic dial to both sites when router monitor the serial line is down. When "sh isdn his", dial failed will always appear with non-stop. Will this scenario will kill the router such as process hang or memory corruption for let says one or two days ??? any expert has such experience ??

Note: For cost saving and due to sme reason, backup interface is in the scenario and it must be used. The secondary site at normal times (PRI) will be shutdown and manually bring up if it is needed.

Cisco Employee

Re: ISDN BRI Continue dial fail - what will happen

you can set the order in which the router will dialout in the event of serial line failure. so you can list the number for primary forst and secondary later so that router will always try to dial main site number first and seconday later only if the main site is busy or didn't get connection at isdn layer (not ppp layer).

You can configure two dialer strings, one after the other. Like

dialer string 123456 (for main site)

dialer string 678902 (for seconday site)

That way router will always dial 123456 first and if its connected, it will not try to dial 67892.

New Member

Re: ISDN BRI Continue dial fail - what will happen

Thanks for your info. I seldom use dialer string (usually use dialer-map) and just would like to check with you the following doubts;

1) I'd includes the ISDN IP under EIGRP network, this is to ensure the interesting traffic will be from router instead of user end. Will this cause to dialing two sites because the (show dialer) source IP is always the ISDN IP and the destination always EIGRP multicast Hello IP.

Note: In this case, we should need two dialer string and two dialer remote-name. Am I right ? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: ISDN BRI Continue dial fail - what will happen

If you include isdn interface under EIGRP and if you make eigrp traffic as "intersting" then eigrp Hello will make the isdn interface dialout.

Now you just need to configure two dialer strings under one dialer after the other. You don't 2 need dialer profile for that (using remote-name)

New Member

Re: ISDN BRI Continue dial fail - what will happen

The following was the input from one of the previous case forum. Is that true as he mentioned the second dialer string has to be dial same site ? Please advise.


Oct 10, 2001, 6:02am PST

You can not use dialer strings to call multiple sites however you can use multiple dialer strings tocall the same site using the dialer load-threshold command. When you have multiple dialer strings it will call the first one on your list. It will only use the second dialer string if it fails or if you reach your dialer load-threshold but, in this case the second number has to dial the same site. In order to call a second different site you will have to use dialer maps instead of dialer strings.

New Member

Re: ISDN BRI Continue dial fail - what will happen

I'd tested and confirm that the dialer remote-name command only allowed to entered once per dialer profile.

The statement as mentioned by the Getronics CCIE engineer is correct.

Cisco Employee

Re: ISDN BRI Continue dial fail - what will happen

Only one Dialer remote-name will be allowed per dialer interface..thats true but to resolve your issue, you can configure two "dialer-string xxxx" command under the dialer interface. Two dialer string will be allowed under one dialer interface.

New Member

Re: ISDN BRI Continue dial fail - what will happen

My querry to Mr. Patel.

I Have 1cisco router with 2620 -4 bri and 4 remote location each with cisco 801 with 1 bri.

I wanted to have both way connection initiate should work.

I am finding proble, Whenever remote location calls central site for the first 2 connection works ok, for 3 location tried to establish connection , first connection drops.

central site have 4 bri interfaces, (cisco 2620, and IOS 12.0)

Remote site has Cisco 801 with IOS 12.1

can u please help me to sortout this problem

Thanks in advance.



Cisco Employee

Re: ISDN BRI Continue dial fail - what will happen

The ideal way to configure on 2620 is using a dialer profile for each remote location. Pl. visit following url for that

IOS versions on both the routers are not a problem..So first i need to see the config from 2620 which receives the calls from remote 801's. So post it here.


Re: ISDN BRI Continue dial fail - what will happen

I'm not sure I follow your explanation of where the backup interface is defined and what interfaces go to the remote sites. It sounds like maybe you have two primary interfaces using the same isdn as backup. In that case I would guess that only the one that forced it into standby mode can bring it back up.

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