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ISDN call disconnecting

I have a remote site that I am trying to set up with 2 dialers-one as a primary and one as a backup. The primary works fine, however when I shut that interface down to test the backup, I get the following messages on a debug. It seems to connect when I place a manual data call, but then immediately disconnects. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

*Feb 28 18:26:26.277: %ISDN-6-CONNECT: Interface BRI0/0:1 is now connected to un

known E

*Feb 28 18:26:27.321: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface BRI0/0:1, changed state to dowev


ISDN events debugging is on

NWS_2620#isdn test call int bri0/0 8172123029


*Feb 28 18:26:36.861: ISDN BR0/0: Outgoing call id = 0x800F, dsl 0

*Feb 28 18:26:36.861: ISDN BR0/0: Event: Call to 8172123029 at 64 Kb/s

*Feb 28 18:26:36.861: ISDN BR0/0: process_bri_call(): call id 0x800F, called_num

ber 8172123029, speed 64, call type DATA

*Feb 28 18:26:36.861: CCBRI_Go Fr Host InPkgInfo (Len=25) :

*Feb 28 18:26:36.861: 1 0 1 80 F 0 4 2 88 90 18 1 83 2C A 38 31 37 32 31 32 33 3

0 32 39

*Feb 28 18:26:36.865:

*Feb 28 18:26:36.865: CC_CHAN_GetIdleChanbri: dsl 0

*Feb 28 18:26:36.865: Found idle channel B1

*Feb 28 18:26:37.793: CCBRI_Go Fr L3 pkt (Len=7) :

*Feb 28 18:26:37.793: 2 1 E 98 18 1 89

*Feb 28 18:26:37.793:

*Feb 28 18:26:37.793: ISDN BR0/0: LIF_EVENT: ces/callid 1/0x800F HOST_PROCEEDING

*Feb 28 18:26:38.269: CCBRI_Go Fr L3 pkt (Len=4) :

*Feb 28 18:26:38.269: 7 1 E 91

*Feb 28 18:26:38.269:

*Feb 28 18:26:38.269: ISDN BR0/0: LIF_EVENT: ces/callid 1/0x800F HOST_CONNECT

*Feb 28 18:26:38.269: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface BRI0/0:1, changed state to up

*Feb 28 18:26:38.273: ISDN: get_isdn_service_state(): idb 0x81070680 bchan 2 is_

isdn 1 Not a Pri

*Feb 28 18:26:38.273: ISDN BR0/0: Event: Connected to 8172123029 on B1 at 64 Kb/


*Feb 28 18:26:38.609: CCBRI_Go Fr L3 pkt (Len=8) :

*Feb 28 18:26:38.609: 45 1 E 96 8 2 80 90

*Feb 28 18:26:38.609:

*Feb 28 18:26:38.609: ISDN BR0/0: LIF_EVENT: ces/callid 1/0x800F HOST_DISCONNECT

*Feb 28 18:26:38.613: ISDN BR0/0: Event: Call to <unknown> was hung up.

*Feb 28 18:26:38.613: ISDN BR0/0: process_disc_ack(): call id 0x800F, ces 1, cal

l type DATA cause 0x0



New Member

Re: ISDN call disconnecting

Can you post a debug from the remote router as well as the ISDN config from each? Are you using LegacyDDR or DialerProfiles?

You can run into this issue if you have multiple dialer profiles defined on one physical interface if the branch router can't find the profile matching it's CallerID, it can't bind to a profile and will immediately terminate the call. There isn't enough information in the post to know for sure though.

You might find this article helpful if you're dealing with how the routers bind to profiles and legacy dialing situations. I know it was very helpful to know exactly how the binding process works.



New Member

Re: ISDN call disconnecting

Thank you Ryan,

I think I was trying to mix LegacyDDR and DialerProfiles as I did not have a good understanding of the two. Currently I have it set up with LegacyDDR, but I think DIaler profiles would be better, don't you? The article was helpful so I will try some other things.

Thanks again,


New Member

Re: ISDN call disconnecting

If you're trying to connect to one central site router and want to dial a second number to the same router, then use LegacyDDR. It will keep your configuration much easier to read. Otherwise, if you're dialing 2 different central site routers as a redundant solution you may need to implement DialerProfiles to ensure your IP address and authentication can be properly seperated, unless you plan on using 2 physical BRI interfaces. But make sure you have a corresponding dialer profile on each central site router for it to bind to.

Good Luck!

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