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isdn callout couldn't completed succesfully


We want to make a DDR between one of our customer. In our side we use 3640 router with bri interface and other side has as5300 with pri interface.

As5300 also using for async call in and also callout without any problem.

For isdn this is the first time for them.

If we started DDR form 3640 there is no problem to established session but in our case they have to Dial in us. So we tried start dialing from As5300 side but in that case it wasn't completed succesfully. They got casue code:0x81D8 and no message appeared on 3640 router during this failure period.

Is there anybody have experienced before this?



Re: isdn callout couldn't completed succesfully

Since the call connected fine from the 3600 to the as5300 means there are no issues on the 3600 side (layer1 / layer2 should be fine)

Now when the as5300 calls the 3600, we do not even see q931 outputs on the 3600 ---> ensure the dialed number is correct.

Cause code 0x81D8 means:

81-->from the private network near the local user , that is , the as5300 side.

D8 --->Incompatible destination...the cause for same could be from that mentioned in the URL below.

Also can recheck the config on the as5300 side:

Thanks, Mak.

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