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ISDN channeled through T-1 to ethernet to fiber and back again

This is my first post and I'm sure it will generate a chuckle or two.  I'm working in an antiquated facility with a hodgepodge of network infrastructure.  Copper, Fiber, Ethernet, Wireless, and LRE.  Our end game is to enable a video conference system to utilize ISDN.  The route we are researching is from a T-1 circuit to a CSU  from the CSU to an 'Ethernet to fiber converter' through the fiber convert back to Ethernet then through a switch then to the VC system.  The original request was for an Ethernet connection, which we have established as outlined.  After the fact we are told that the connection has to be ISDN.  The million dollar question... Does a converter(s) exist that performs this function in place of the Ethernet to fiber converter?  Better yet, any suggestions for accomplishing this goal from a different perspective?  The CSU must remain in the loop.  Running the copper through three floors of 2-3' thick concrete and rebar is not an option at this point.  

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Re: ISDN channeled through T-1 to ethernet to fiber and back aga

To transport T1 video calls over fiber, you have some different options.

1 - most recommend, some cisco IP conferencing box with T1 interface. Dont's have the ID now but should be like VCxxx

2 - Use ISR router with VWIC and PVDM. In recent IOS release, video codecs are now supported.

3 - use T1 circuit emulation. That is a board that goes into a 2811 and bigger.

In all cases you will have covered calls to IP that is easyto convert to fiber, with a switch or an SFP directly in the router.

The fourth option would be a "dumb" T1 to fiber converter. Cisco doesn't make that. This and option 3 above require one videconf set to be configured a ISDN network side and internal clcok.

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