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ISDN Dial-up does not hold.... ??

Hi ,

I am using a cisco 1600 to connect to my other office for providing internet access. My Cisco 1600 (a) at location A is connected to the internet on its eth0 and i have a BRI connected to it. (say number #123) . My second Cisco 1600 ( b) at location B is connected to a BRI ( say number # 789) and to a eth0 witch connects to the switch to give internet access to users in location B

but when i dial from one router to the other , the line gets disconnected automatically after some time .. y is this ..? i do not have any dialer idle-timeout defined on any of the routers.

could any body send me the required configs on the two routers for this to work ..?

any help will be appreciated.


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Re: ISDN Dial-up does not hold.... ??

Hello, first there is de default dialer idle-timeout which isn't shown in sh run but is set on 120 seconds I believe.

Second, on your dialer you specify with dialer-group which dialer-list you use. The dialer-list then specifies which traffic is interesting, meaning which traffic will trigger a dialup and what traffic is counted for idle-timeout calculation.

For example:

username test password test

int bri 0

isdn switchtype bla

ip addr blah

dialer map ip name test 01133333

dialer-group 1

enc ppp

ppp auth chap


dialer-list 1 prot ip permit

In this example all IP traffic will keep the connection open.

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Re: ISDN Dial-up does not hold.... ??

Hi ,

I have the dialer group configured on both the routers . .

which permits all ip trafiic as intresting traffic ..

any other reson why this may not work .. ?

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Re: ISDN Dial-up does not hold.... ??


I think the line gets disconnected when you dial from one router to the other, may be because you don't have any traffic crossing the line. This doesn't happen when you connect to the internet because you should have some traffic going through. Yes, by default the idle-timeout is 2 mins.



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