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ISDN Dial-UP for Cisco Router 1720 and 2620 ???

Any one please help out for the following scenerios;

I have 1 HQ office with Cisco Router 2620 (with two BRI ports installed) and two remote offices,each with Cisco Router 1720. If both the remote offices are to use the ISDN line to dial back to the HQ office;

Q1. Is there any sample configuration on Cisco websites which is similar to these scenerio ? Please help.

Q2. How do I configure the router in order to fire up the 2nd ISDN channel whenever is necessary, one channel is 64 Kbps ?

Q3. How do I check whether the 2nd ISDN channel is fired up (in terms of commands) ?

Q4.In the above scenerio, for the ip default-gateway of the 1720 should point to where ? (2620 e0/0 ?)

If there is another 1720 router with 64kbps leased line connection, so for the ISDN dial-up router, how to configure it for certain packets only,I need to forward them to the leased line router and the rest of packets will fire up the router ?

Please help out.

Thank you.

Community Member

Re: ISDN Dial-UP for Cisco Router 1720 and 2620 ???

A1 search the Cisco-site for 'ISDN-configuration', there are a lot of examples

A2 use the 'dialer load-threshold 180 either'-command which brings a second channel if the load on the first channel reaches 180/255

A3 by using the 'show users'-command or the 'show isdn active'-command

A4 the default gateway for the 1720 should be the IP-address of the bri- or dialer-interface on your 2620 when ISDN is the only connection between these two routers.

Good luck

Edwin van Wijk

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