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isdn interface time related (shut down)


Is there any way to configure a isdn line to dial and shut down in specifiiec time ?

the router is only connected to the isdn

if the isdn line is open will be always traffic so i need time related way to shut the line down

For making a dial on specifiec time i had this idea

( create on server a script to start pinging the line and on the router make a dial on demand related to that ping but i stil could not found how to shut the line down

thanks for any help and suggestions


Re: isdn interface time related (shut down)

We had this request at least once more on the forum. The feature you require is not implemented in the software so you will need to make some tweak to achieve your goal.

This is how it could be done:

For a start you will need some scheduler to run a batch-file that pings at regular times to activate the line. The extended acces-list matching the dialer should only include these two adresses: scheduler host, dest host.

This will cause the dialer to stay up for a period of time equal to the idle time.

As no other traffic matches the dialer-list, the idle time will never be reset, except by renewed activity from the scheduler host. Linux crontab could do this perfectly, with windows it will also be possible through a variety of utilities.

However, this is a method for which I want to state: Do not try this at home!

Please be aware of the unfriendly characteristics that are involved in using DDR in this way. It will work, but that is just it! There might be better alternatives depending on your specific situation.




Re: isdn interface time related (shut down)

Does this not interest you ? :

Time-Based ISDN/Async (Legacy) DDR :


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