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ISDN max-link statement and Multilink ppp

I have recently added the below max-link statements and it appears that when an e1 pri dials the below PRIs that not more than 17 channels will connect. I also noticed that I only have Multilink ppp on the second interface. If I add Multilink PPP command on the first will it help? I also thought that, maybe the solution would be to remove the maxlink statements and add min-link statements on the other dialer pools that are common to both PRIs.

interface Serial3/0:23

description Sample Co. ISDN PRI (xxx)xxx-xx00

bandwidth 64

no ip address

encapsulation ppp

no ip route-cache

dialer pool-member 1 max-link 17

dialer pool-member 2 max-link 17

dialer pool-member 9 max-link 6

isdn switch-type primary-dms100

ppp authentication chap


interface Serial3/1:23

description Sample Co. ISDN PRI (xxx) xxx-x000

no ip address

encapsulation ppp

dialer pool-member 10

dialer pool-member 11

dialer pool-member 12

dialer pool-member 1 max-link 13

dialer pool-member 2 max-link 13

isdn switch-type primary-dms100

no fair-queue

ppp authentication chap

ppp multilink


Re: ISDN max-link statement and Multilink ppp

Yes you need to have multilink interface on the 1st T1 too.

If the call is incoming, the number dialed for your site would be xxxxxxxx00 and the

T1 would pick up the call with the right dialer interface using the right pool that has

been pre-configured.

The pool 1 for example is used and you'll not have more that 17 channel in the bundle.

Because the call is incoming from an E1 which requires a bunble of 30 channles, you side would

only be able to use the 17 in the max-link alone. If you need the other T1's pool 1 with

max-link 13 to be added to make 30 b-channels which can accomaodate the E1. You'll need the

remote E1 router configured to use two numbers i.e

dialer-string xxxxxxxx00

dialer string xxxxxxx000

This would cause the two local T1 to be used to accomdate the bandwidht demand of the

remote E1.

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