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ISDN: PC disconnection with the router


I have several PCs connected to a 2610 (PRI) via an ISDN card (Eicon Diva 2.0) and some Cisco 700 routers

We use ppp authentication chap ms-chap and we have disconnection with the PC after a few minutes. (everything is ok with the 700 routers)

Does anyone have an idea about these disconnections? Is there special to had in the config?


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Re: ISDN: PC disconnection with the router

I had a similar problem several months ago. I would check the following outputs on your routers:

show interface (paying attention to input/output drops, errors, etc.)

show service-module (paying attention to about everything there)

And of course, any others you can think of besides these two.

Anyway, in my case, I first called the telco to have them test the line, and they said it was OK. So I called Cisco and ran through some diags on our 2610 and WIC-T1, and they said it was ok, on both ends, then I called the telco again and had them retest the line, more thouroughly. They ran a complete diagnostics on it and said it was OK. So I had Cisco send me two new WIC cards, and still had the same problems. So I called the telco back, told them that the problem was definitely theirs and not to call me back until they had it fixed. They called me back about 5 minutes later and said, "Oh yeah, the problem is on our end. We'll have it fixed shortly". HMMMMMMM.

Anyway, the moral to the story is that if your link comes up fine and you are able to transmit and receive OK, I would do the checks on the hardware first (I always like to make sure I'm not the problem before calling the telco) and then I'd call the telco and have them check things out THOROUGHLY!!!

Hope I have helped some.

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