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ISDN Remote Access

I'm newbie with cisco ISDN. I'm trying to configure a cisco 801 for ISDN Remote Access ONLY. No dialup from inside of our LAN is needed.

I tried to use Cisco ConfigMaker v2.6 but it wont work...

Someone that have a sample config? I have searched on the Net but still not found any...


Re: ISDN Remote Access

These should give you some clues :


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Re: ISDN Remote Access

Hi !

I still dont get it. Have read about EasyIP etc.. the problem are that I cant configure EasyIP with Cisco ConfigMaker (the way I see it).

Can someone please tell me why we cant get an answer from our Cisco801 when we call from an remote computer via ISDN.

Does the config work the way we want?

Corporate LAN

ISDN interface

ISDN pool

Dial-In via ISDN to get access to servers on the Corporate LAN.



All Passwords are set to cisco

User are set to cisco (for dial-in)

! ******************************************************************

! Cisco801.cfg - Cisco router configuration file

! Automatically created by Cisco ConfigMaker v2.6 Build 6

! den 11 april 2002, 03:31:16


! Hostname: Cisco801

! Model: 801

! ******************************************************************


service timestamps debug uptime

service timestamps log uptime

service password-encryption

no service tcp-small-servers

no service udp-small-servers


hostname Cisco801


enable password cisco

username cisco password cisco


no ip name-server


isdn switch-type basic-net3


ip subnet-zero

no ip domain-lookup

ip routing


interface Dialer 1

description connected to Dial-inPCs(ISDN)

ip address

ip nat inside

no ip split-horizon

encapsulation ppp

dialer in-band

dialer idle-timeout 120

dialer-group 1

ppp authentication chap pap callin

ppp multilink

no cdp enable

peer default ip address pool Cisco801-Group-1


interface Ethernet 0

no shutdown

description connected to CorporateNetwork

ip address

ip nat outside

keepalive 10


interface BRI 0

no shutdown

description connected to Dial-inPCs(ISDN)

no ip address

dialer rotary-group 1


! Access Control List 1


no access-list 1

access-list 1 permit


! Dialer Control List 1


no dialer-list 1

dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit


! Dynamic NAT


ip nat translation timeout 86400

ip nat translation tcp-timeout 86400

ip nat translation udp-timeout 300

ip nat translation dns-timeout 60

ip nat translation finrst-timeout 60

ip nat inside source list 1 interface Ethernet 0 overload


router rip

version 2


passive-interface Ethernet 0

no auto-summary



ip local pool Cisco801-Group-1

ip classless


! IP Static Routes

ip route Ethernet 0

no ip http server

snmp-server community public RO

no snmp-server location

no snmp-server contact


line console 0

exec-timeout 0 0

password cisco



line vty 0 4

password cisco





Re: ISDN Remote Access

The config looks OK. You should ensure the following:

show isdn status - Layer1 should be ACTIVE, layer2 should be MULTIPLE_FRAME_ESTABLISH

If you don't see this, you need to confirm your switch type and ISDN config with your carrier, and confirm your cabling.

If that is OK, then try this:

debug ppp negot

debug isdn q931

debug dialer

terminal monitor

Then dial in and review the debug to see what is going on (wrong).

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