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ISDN & static routes

I have an E1 PRI dual card in a 3620 router.

The two controller interfaces, E1 1/0 & E1 1/1, are grouped to 1 rotary group.

These, in turn are grouped to 'interface dialer 1'.

Ok, the problem I'm having is a simple one. When configuring the static routes, can I do this :

ip route (destination ip/mask) dialer 1

I'm thinking of making the static routes look at the dialer interface for the route, would this work?

Thanks for your time.



Re: ISDN & static routes

Yes this will work and is a common method to aggregate bandwidth to a destination.


New Member

Re: ISDN & static routes

Thanks Steve, that's just what I needed to hear.

There's a couple more issues I'm having, maybe you can help.

Firstly, do I place this parameter. Under the ' dialer-group 1 ' or the ' interface dialer 1 ' mode?

Also, as above, where would I place the command ' isdn caller '?

Thanks for your advice.


Re: ISDN & static routes

I hope I understand what you mean:

You create static routes while in global config mode, not interface mode.


Router(config)# dialer1

You create isdn caller while in interface configuration mode (ie interface dialer 1).


Router(config-if)# dialer caller 14802616900 callback


interface Dialer1

ip address

encapsulation ppp

dialer remote-name help

dialer string 4540

dialer pool 3

dialer-group 1

dialer caller 14802616900 callback


New Member

Re: ISDN & static routes

You don't know how much you've helped to clear few things up for me!

I've just passed the CCNA exam, and my bosses asked me to configure this second E1PRI line into our 3620. As you probably know, CCNA studies do not go into this kind of ISDN depth, so your advice REALLY is very much appreciated!

Thanks again, Steve.......


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