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ISDN Technolgy

Which layers of OSI reference model are addressed by the ITU-T ISDN Standard ?


Re: ISDN Technolgy

Again its not always so simple. The ISDN bearer channel is rightly regarded as a switched layer2 technology. But considering that the ISDN network allows a client to open a connection to any point on a meshed network it could be considered to show layer3 characteristics.

Also LAPD which runs on the D channel is considered to be layer 2 (a modification of LAPB). So what is Q.931 which runs over it? This is a layer 3 protocol in a very real sense. The D-channel also supports X.25 packet data over LAPD so again this could be considered to be both Layer 2 and 3.

But if you look at it from the conventional perspective of IP, then these are all just part of a layer 2 process and are therefore all Data Link layer.

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Re: ISDN Technolgy

In the Data world a Router would strip off the Layer-2 frame. How does it work in the voice world?

Lets say an ISDN frame that actually spans Layers 1 to 3 comes in, How does the router / gateway process this frame ?

If you can give me  a step by step process that will help.

Thankyou in advance.


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Re: ISDN Technolgy

May be you should read some networking books to gain information on general subjects ?

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