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ISDN without multlink PPP

Without Multilink PPP how is the traffic shared between a few B channels ?

Can I share the traffic on these channels on a packet basis ? Can I get a full 512 k for example for a ftp tranfer ? Or Can I get only 64 k ?

Thanks in advance


Re: ISDN without multlink PPP

In theory, you can achieve load balancing while you have mutiple equal-cost paths. This will depend on your configuration. EIGRP or OSPF could be used to automate the load-balancing.

On a DDR-ISDN this will mean that your lines are always up. This is not desirable in most situations due to the high costs involved.

Except from the money, there is little that stops you from doing this.

One more advice: It is often cheaper to have a line open for a long period of time than to have your B-channels toggling al the time.



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Re: ISDN without multlink PPP

Thanks for your answer.

Please is it possible to share the packets (round robin basis) on the B-channels without MLPP ? Or is it necessary to aplly MLPPP ?

Cisco Employee

Re: ISDN without multlink PPP

YES.. if the next hop for both the b channels is the same and also the cost of both the path. That way we have a two equal cost routes for the same destination.

MLPPP will only buy you the "Fragmentation" of the packets. If no mlppp, the equal cost links will be used for load balabce of the packets (but will not be fragmented).

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