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ISL - Strange Debug Output

I'm troubleshooting a LAN performance problem. In among other commands I issue the debug vlan packet and the console just flood with these error:

1w4d: vLAN: Received ISL encapsulated DODIP packet bearing colour ID 2 on interface FastEthernet0/1.2 which is not configured to route or bridge this packet type.

Can anyone help!!??

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Re: ISL - Strange Debug Output

Please let us know your LAN setup including VLANs


Re: ISL - Strange Debug Output

As the error message says, the router received a packet with a VLAN ID

but the router is not configured to support the packet.

The router will not be able to route or bridge the packet.

VLAN packets that the router is configured to route or switch are

counted and indicated when you use the "show vlans" command.

Hope this helps.

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Re: ISL - Strange Debug Output

I have a 2621connected to a Cat5500. In that trunk im passing 8 vLAN's obviously using ISL. All the Vlan as well as the clients (terminals) use IP none of them are configured to support any other protocol. Whats strange to me about the debug output is first of all the large amount of it that i receive and the refer to the DODIP protocol.

TIA for any reply

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