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Issue with reverse Telnet

I'm using a 2509 to connect to multiple Cisco devices. The problem that I'm having is that as soon as I connect to one of the devices, I am stuck in there and cannot get out using the Ctrl-Shift-6-X combination. What's the trick?

I've used both Hyperterminal and Procomm to rule out the software.



Re: Issue with reverse Telnet

did you change the escape character ?


Re: Issue with reverse Telnet

Show line on the interface you are connecting to the 2509 with. If you are telneting it is a vty interface. This will show you the escape character that is set. When 2509 is used to access routers the escape is usually changed so the normal sequence will work on the router you are reversed telnetd to.

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Re: Issue with reverse Telnet

No I haven't changed the escape character. How do I check for that?


Re: Issue with reverse Telnet

the above posts states how to find it

do a sh line xx

>sh line 66

Tty Typ Tx/Rx A Modem Roty AccO AccI Uses Noise Overruns Int

* 66 VTY - - - - - 167 0 0/0 -

Line 66, Location: "", Type: "XTERM"

Length: 57 lines, Width: 141 columns

Baud rate (TX/RX) is 9600/9600

Status: PSI Enabled, Ready, Active, No Exit Banner, Automore On

Capabilities: none

Modem state: Ready

Group codes: 0

Special Chars: Escape Hold Stop Start Disconnect Activation

^^x none - - none

Timeouts: Idle EXEC Idle Session Modem Answer Session Dispatch

00:15:00 00:15:00 none not set

Re: Issue with reverse Telnet


are you connected via console port and doing reverse telnet connection then?

If yes, Ctrl-Shift-6 x should work with no problem.

Don't forget: Ctrl-Shift-6, release keyboard and then press x.

If you are using telnet as primary access to the 2509 and doing reverse telnet to the device then, simply close the Hyperterminal window and open a new session to connect to a different device.



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Re: Issue with reverse Telnet

Hi , I am consoled in the 2509 then do a reverse Telnet to a 1720 as a test. Once I'm in the 1720, I doa Ctrl-Shift-6 then X, it takes me back to the 2509, but as soon as hit Enter on the 2509, it takes me back to the 1720. Any ideas?



Re: Issue with reverse Telnet

When you do a cntrl shif t 6 it only suspends your session , if you want to terminate your session type exit on the 1720 or do a cntrl shft 6 x then on the 2509 clear the line you just accessed .

i.e If your session was connected over async line 2 type clear line 2 . a show line will show you what line you are connected on .


Re: Issue with reverse Telnet

The disconnect command (disc) is the correct way to close the session after retruning to the 2509. Entering a blank line (return) will resume the last session if it has not been discconected. Show session ( on the 2509) shows the current sessions. Eventually you will want to connect to multiple routers at the same time. When you return to the 2509 you enter the session number of the router you want to connect back to.

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