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Just finished Cisco Academy (CCNA); Threaded Case Study wiring seems odd.

Odd in that it creates a lot of micro-IDF's.

I have a client that is a school. They've asked me to make a proposal to over-haul the school's network - everything.

The TCS used in the Academy pulls 4 CAT5e to the classes where a hub/switch is deployed. Wiring this way is cheap but uses more hardware (expensive).

For my customer, I'm looking at using custom made, 12 station Cat5e cable bundles with approperate terminated ends so they plug into patch panels quickly (lowers onsite labor). Cost is about $2~$3 per foot + $50 for the ends. Patch panels are extra. The idea is to trade hardware expense (hardware that can fail) with cabling. Plus, all hardware is located at the MDF/IDF.

If I go the route of the TCS, I need a secure enclosure, a switch w/ GigE Uplink, and a GigE port back at the MFD/IDF - for each classroom.

If I use my molded cable to pull 12 or 24 CAT5e from the MDF/IDF to the classrooms (35 rooms per building), I can eleminate the GigE switch needed in the MDF/IDF to aggregate all the 35 room's GigE uplinks. This would also put everything (workgroup & enterprise servers, switches, etc) in one location.

My questions are:

1. Which is the best method to go?

2. If my molded cable is the best way, I was going to terminate each bundle to a patch panel in the classroom. Then, I'd use patch cords to connect to another patch panel that terminates at the workstations. This is because the student's desk postitions are altered each year (teachers) and I'd rather not cut my bundled cable. I'd rather re-terminate individual cables at this point. However, this wiring scheme isn't "blessed" officially - that I am aware.

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Re: Just finished Cisco Academy (CCNA); Threaded Case Study wiri

Your solution is not as scalable. The one thing you have to plan for is growth. Your 12 and 24 port cables are the limit unless they pull more cable or put a switch on one of your drops. Are the 35 rooms all within distance limitations?

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Re: Just finished Cisco Academy (CCNA); Threaded Case Study wiri

With the current wiring of the school, each room has only 2 drops with some 10Mb hubs and some 100Mb switched speeds. Of those 2 drops, only 1 cable is currently used.

So, pulling 12 cables per room at a minimum is plenty. If it wasn't, then I could always trunk some pulls and/or, deploy GigE to the class.

The 35 rooms are within distance of my proposed MDF - an unused (storage) girl's shower room. Dry pipes above with concrete, around, below, and above. The size is 12'7" x 13'6" x 10'. There is an ajoining room about 10' x 10' that will be used for pc repairs and department space.

Let me know if you think I'm still lacking in scaleability. I really thought that a 12+:1 ratio would cover it based on their current usage and then some.

Thanks for the input.


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