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L2/L3 Switch routing issue

I have 2 core switches.

A Cat 4006(Assigned Vlan1 - and Vlan20 - and Cat 4506(Assigned vlan1 - and vlan20 - connected via Gig Fibre.

I have ports on both switches assigned do the vlans, 1 and 20.

Connected to the Cat4006 Switch, are 2 3500xl(all ports in Vlan1 on both switches). The IP address of the 1st 3500xl is on vlan 1. The second 3500xl has ip address of on vlan 1.

I have eigrp routing protocol running on the Cat 4006 and 4506(both running router IOS not Cat IOS).

From a PC in vlan 20( with GW connected to the Cat4506, I can ping the Cat4006 vlan1( But cannot ping either of the 3500xl switches or any servers/workstations connected to the switches.

From a PC in vlan 1( I can ping both 3500xl switches, and any severs/workstations connected to the 3500xl.

Why is this? hope I am making sense. Thanks

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Re: L2/L3 Switch routing issue


have u set up a default gateway on the 3500XL switches. Also are summarizing on your eigrp table


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Re: L2/L3 Switch routing issue

The previous engineer had the 3500xl switch set to the ip address of the firewall as the default gateway.

The firewall is only used between the inside network and outside.

I am thinking to point the default gateway on the 3500xl to the Cat 4006, that they are connected to...but not sure.

This might be my headache.

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Re: L2/L3 Switch routing issue

Yes you will need to point your 3500xl default gateway to the VLAN1 interface on either the Cat 4006 or Cat 4506.

If the Cat 4006 and 4506 are in the 'core' of your network, then you might also consider running HSRP between them.

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Re: L2/L3 Switch routing issue

this is not a default-gatway issue

post me you diagram if possible

somwthings wrong

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