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LAC does not respond to CDN from LNS

I am working with an LNS running 12.2(15)T and a LAC running 12.2(8)T. When a session terminates, LAC usually sends CDN to LNS and session clears normally. Occasionally CDN from LAC is delayed longer than 10 sec causing LNS to send CDN to LAC. LAC debug does not show this CDN being received. LNS retries CDN and eventually closes the tunnel. Typical LNS debug for this event follows:

Vi3.23 VPDN: Reseting interface

Vi3.23 Tnl/Sn 18397/3118 L2TP: disconnect (AAA) IETF: 1/user-request Ascend: 28/PPP Receive Term

Vi3.23 Tnl/Sn 18397/3118 L2TP: Unbinding session from idb

Tnl/Sn 18397/3118 L2TP: O CDN to telenor.sby_a 10979/64052

Tnl 18397 L2TP: Control channel retransmit delay set to 1 seconds

Tnl/Sn 18397/3118 L2TP: Destroying session

Tnl/Sn 18397/3118 L2TP: Session state change from established to idle

L2X: Could not find session, dropping pak

I would appreciate any insights.




Re: LAC does not respond to CDN from LNS

I am wondering if the client already has torn down the session and that is the reason you are not sending the CDNs sent by the LNS. This could be a known issue with the hardware or software version that you are using.. Check if it out with Bug toolkit if you have access to it.

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