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LAN issue --- Looking for a monitoring tool


This is about a live network where in we have a 1900, 2950 series switches at the access layer and 5509 at the core. The problem that we are facing here is, the end users are complaining that the network is slow. The access layer switches are in the default configurations and all ports are in auto-sensing mode. I mean to say that they are being used as fast port hubs.

So, I would like to know, whether is there any monitoring tool to check at what speed the end-users are connected to ports of access layer switches? May be this may not be a cisco product, but suggestions will surely help us to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: LAN issue --- Looking for a monitoring tool

Does your network fragmented with any VLANs or all your users in VLAN 1?

How much end-users? I think that network is slow because of many broadcasts.

You can monitor catalyst interfaces with MRTG and view the amount of traffic thought this port.


Re: LAN issue --- Looking for a monitoring tool

Hi Shashi -

I also had a issue like your a year ago, I used a FREE software by 3COM - Network Supervisor, you can download it from here:

I think 3COM have released a newer version of the above so have a look around 3COM's web site. But basically Net Supervisor will let you know what so stress level are being imposed on your network and also will point you to ports / devices etc.

Hope this helps -

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Re: LAN issue --- Looking for a monitoring tool

Thanks a lot for the quick response. I will surely try out with the software and also MRTG and will query again in case I find any other issue.

Thanks once again,


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