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New Member

Lan Networking

I wish to set up LAN in my office. There are 10 computer in the company...Which are mostly each other. I would also keep up a windows 2000 server...with DHCP option with internet connection sharing

1. For this should i buy a switch or a Hub?

2. If i buy a switch should i write scripts?

3. Will the switch function on its own...?if not what shall i do?

4. if then which Cisco switch should i buy? please refer a nice one

5. If i connect a system to the internet....will i be able to share that connection

through the switch in the LAN.

(if more suggestion ......? please mail


Re: Lan Networking

Not that you cant use a hub in this situation, its better to go for a switch,because each user will have the dedicated port bandwidth, (10 or 100 mbps, depends on switch). Also collisions wont be there, like the hub has.

You dont need to write scripts.

Switch will function on its own - it will help in communication between your PCs. Mostly all switches are just plug and play.

Buying a switch, I would say, shop around, the decision is upto you after comparing, cost vs performance. If you are looking for a Cisco model, you can either get a 12 port or maybe 24 port (24 port is the best in your case, as there are 10 PCs + 1 server + probably a router or a firewall, which will make a 12 port switch, left with no free ports).

You can probably get a 1900 or 2900 xl switch off for cheaper rates (remember if you get it that way you wont have any support from Cisco, if something goes wrong, unless you have a valid contract number from Cisco or Reseller, and you have maintenance covering your switch). Otherwise the best bet, would be to go to a reseller and get the same switch as above.

What Internet connection do you have ?? DSL, Cable, or T1????

The switch is a layer 2 device, so sharing internet connection will have to be done either through a proxy device (software proxies are usually slow), or through a device such as router, which should also be configured to do Network Address Translation (NAT).


Re: Lan Networking


Thank you very much for the advice

1. I think i will go for the cisco switch....but can you just suggest me the one specific cisco switch......because it may take me time going to the shops and looking for the switches.....if you could give me the switch number or something related to i can get it as soon as possible........both 12 port and 24 ports...based on cost and performance.....

2. I have a modem connected through phone line..........

3. About internet windows 2000 server there is an option like sharing the internet....with its clients....if i set it up.....will it be working.....?

if not ? can you suggest me ....a proxy device......or a proxy software.....

4. Network Cards......any which to buy? performance...?

Waiting for the reply

take care

Re: Lan Networking

1. Cisco switches are not available for sale on shops like bestbuy/compusa etc...If you need a brand new / refurbed switch, you ll either need to contact a reseller, or get an old one off websites like If you are in the US, and is interested, you can contact my company's sales team. They can get you a switch for an attractive pricing. Email me if you are interested. (support provided only in the US). Cisco 1912 (12 port) or Cisco 1924 should do the job for you.

2 and 3. Since you are sharing a modem line, you wont need any router in your case. Just plug in all PCs and server on to the switch and enable internet connection sharing on the server. (Mind that, the max speed you can get with a modem is 56k (if you have a 56k modem) or else 33 kbps (standard), so each user is approximately guaranteed only 3.3 kbps, mostly the speed would be much less than that. Soon you will end up expereincing slow browsing speeds. If you want to have a very low cost, but atleast 5 times speed, compared to an ordinary modem internet connection, some ISPs like Netzero do offer an internet service, using your existing phone line and modem. They use some type of compression ( i guess ppp compression) to achive higher data transfer speeds. You might want to try that. I would recommend, you go for a DSL connection. A residential DSL should do the job for you.

4. You can get any 10/100 network card, Some good ones are there from Intel, Compaq etc. My company do sell hardware products, so if you want you can contact me for a quote on that too. Or else you can get NICs from a shop like bestbuy/ compusa etc. Intel nics have a very good review.


Re: Lan Networking

Thanks a lot....

i am in UAE...

i will surely try to get a cisco switch from the reseller here.....

1. can u tell me about setting up a router........configuring it and setting for internet sharing.or can u give me link which will guide me learing it.

Re: Lan Networking

You will first need to get an ip address (public ip) - ask your service provider, when you order your leased line or dsl or whatever circuit.

The router needs to be configured with NAT. Check this out. You can read more there..


Re: Lan Networking

Thanks a lot.......

let me go through the link....and if any issues.....surely i will

be back again