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LAN Problem

I am trying to connect a XP computer to a 98 one through a Hub. I think I have set the Hub up correctly as all the green lights are on. The problem is that the two computers cannot recognise each other. I have ran the Home networking wizard on the XP computer (as that is the one with the internet connection) and set up the network through the wizard, I then set up a network disk and ran the wizard on the 98 computer as it said. The wizard said that the network was set up, yet when i go into Network Neighbourhood on the 98 computer there is only that computer shown on it, and with the XP computer it also only shows the XP computer. The network group of the two is the same and they have individual names. I have network cards setup but nothing seems to make it work. Can anyone help me out please? or a link to somewhere that might be able to help me with this problem.


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Re: LAN Problem

A bit more information please. What protocol have you setup?

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Re: LAN Problem


As the previous answer I will add more clarity please try to install the Microsoft Windows Network which is nothing but the Clinet for Microsoft Windows available in the properties tab of the Network icon.

Incase that has not been done please also add on whether you are able to PING the other PC from any one.



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Re: LAN Problem

Set the correct protocol NetBeui or TCP/IP with correct parameters. Check the basic Ping first. If it is not working, pls let us know how you are trying to connect.


Re: LAN Problem

Not sure if the following will help out with the sharing of the Internet connection of your XP computer, but it should get the two computers showing up in each other's Network Neighborhood.

You must load a network service "File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks" on the Win98 machine for it to advertise itself on the network as having something to share. Go into Control Panel, Networks, and there's a big button that says "File and Print Sharing..."; click it and you will see two check boxes:

"I want to be able to give others access to my files"


"I want to be able to allow others to print to my printer(s)"

If they're not checked, check them. This will result in the loading of "File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks" in the same list box as your network adapters and protocols. Save and reboot.

Your Win98 computer should now be visible from the XP's network neighborhood if the Workgroup names are identical on both machines. You still have to specify which file folders and printer(s) on the Win98 computer are going to be shared to the rest of the network; but at least the machine is announcing itself to the network that it has something to share.

I am not exactly sure how this is enabled on the XP computer, but if you get to a point where you can set up sharing of file folders and printers on that machine too, then you should also be able to see the XP computer in the Win98 computer's network neighborhood.

Hope this helps.

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