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LAN Speed Test?

Wanted to ensure out network is behaving properly now that its 100% fault tolerant. However, during some across the LAN speed tests, it seems slow to me.

Entire backbone is 1gig, servers are all load balanced with two nic's to the core (3750G's) My client is connected gig as well.

netcps shows results:

C:\>netcps xx.xx.xx.xx

NetCPS 1.0 - Entering client mode. Press ^C to quit

Connecting to 1xx.xx.xx.xx port 4455... Connected!

---> CPS 8485888.00 KPS: 8287.00 MPS: 8.09

Avrg CPS 8570298.00 KPS: 8369.43 MPS: 8.17

Peek CPS 9139200.00 KPS: 8925.00 MPS: 8.72

Done. 104857600 Kb transferred in 12.24 seconds.

QCheck shows:

170.213 Mbps (with 100meg client to 1000meg server its about 91Mbps)

Is there a better program/test to do to ensure everything is routing and performing the way it should be?


Re: LAN Speed Test?


Just to let you know that on ethernet segement usually they say that the speed is 100Mbps or 1000Gbps. In reality if everything is perfectly installed you won't usually reach the maximum throughput. In other words, 100Mbps or 1000Gpbs is usually not 100%optimized or you can say artificial. Studies proved that you can reach 70 to 80 Mbps on 100Mbps segements if everything is perfectly according to the standard. This is due to several factors such as attentuation, interferance, cable type and termination.

My advise to you is to run transfer speed test and make sure the speed is reasonable and check the input/output on the switch ports and make sure that no errors are reported.

I hope I could help you,


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