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LAN SQL Server-Client connectivity

I´m having some problems with SQL Server ODBC connectivity in a network after creating separate VLANs for Servers and clients, although I already configured brigding between VLANs in order to mantain connectivity for any other non-IP protocols.

Is there any limitation regarding SQL Server ODBC connectivity between two different networks that I´m not considering???

Thanks for your help.


Re: LAN SQL Server-Client connectivity

I've heard that name resolution to IP addresses could be a cause. (Encountered problems with Cisco CallManager which uses SQL Server 7.0 or 2000)

Make sure that if you're using WINS and/or DNS that the SQL Server is in there.

If not using WINS or DNS, or you just want to test to see if name resolution is the problem (for Microsoft networking NetBIOS over TCP/IP, it is a common issue), try using HOSTS and LMHOSTS files on a client and the SQL Server. (On Win95/98 machines, these files go in the C:\WINDOWS directory by default; on WinNT40/2000/XP they go into the C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC directory.)

Usually, the HOSTS file is active and just has " localhost" entry. The LMHOSTS.SAM file is a sample of what one could look like, with a lot of helpful comments embedded in it too. Make sure if you're going to use LMHOSTS that your active file has no filename extension (like .SAM).

Hope this helps.

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