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Lan/Wan Setup

Could someone explain the correct order to setup 2 3550 -24 EMI switches to connect to 2 2620 routers each going to the same ISP through different connections. Should I use EIGRP? What should I configure first? We are trying to: 1 Load balance outbound traffic to both routers. 2 Use HSRP for the routers and switches. 3 Prioritize traffic outbound. 4 Create Vlans for the DMZ's. In the future we plan to split our connections (2 T-1's) to different locations for redundancy. We have a 3rd 3550 24 SMI that connects to an enterasys E7 with 300 ports currently no Vlans.

My setup looks like this:

Inbound from the internet.

2- 2620 routers

Managed by telco Inbound traffic is balanced. 2 T-1's

2- 3550 EMI

For load balanceing and QOS. Also for DMZ's any security issues???

1- Check Point Firewall

Soon to be 2 Pix 525's

1 3550 SMI

For servers (How does the E7 play with Vlans? STP?

1 Enterasys

Whose idea was it to make a switch that routes? I just got used to switches that switch.

Any help I could get would be great.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Lan/Wan Setup

To load balance to an ISP, you would have to somehow have the ISP run a routing protocol to your routers that would balance your load. Just running it on your end of the link wouldn't do it. They will probably choose OSPF or BGP for you to run, then they aren't dependant on Cisco (for EIGRP).

Personally I wouldn't bother with turning the routing on in the switches, leave it off. How you arrange your switches would depend on how you want to do it. Do you have other equipment that is going to be between the routers and the firewall? Does the firewall have only one external connection or two? Internal connections?

If there isn't much equipment between the routers and firewall, just put your 3550-24 SMI there and use it as a DMZ switch, no need to create a VLAN if you don't want to. Then you could use the two 3550-24 EMI's internal to your network instead as server/distribution switches. Provide redundant connections to your Enterasys switch and QoS to your servers if desired...

Lots of possibilities here based on what you want to acheive.

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