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Lan with Leasedline to Internet


I have to setup a network as follow :

small LAN connected to Internet with 128 k leaseline, it 's running with six hub , a Windows 2000 Advance server with two NIC acting as default gateway for LAN's client and a 2511 router connect to my ISP and directly connected to LAN.The router running with a public IP address.

On Window 2k server 1 NIC use internal IP address ( ) and 1 use public IP address ( assigned by ISP ), now I need to add 1 2950 Switch and 1 Netscreen-25 firewall to this network ( I have 5 public IP address ).

I planned re-organize network as follow :

- Plug 6 hub to switch

-plug Window 2k server with two NIC to switch

- plug trust port on Netscreen-25 firewall to switch

- plug router 2511 ( directly connect to ISP ) to untrust port of Netscreen-25 firewall

Please let me know :

- What I need for switch configuration side ?

- If you can, let me know what I need to configure for my netscreen-25 firewall

- Which IP address I need to assign for each device in this scenario ?

sorry for this dumb question but I'm never work with switch and Netscreen-25 before.

Thanks in advance !


Re: Lan with Leasedline to Internet

You may not need to configure anything on the switch.

For a setup like this, the factory settings are OK.

Two things that you might want to configure to make life easier:

- An IP adress on int vlan1 to manage the switch

- Spanning tree portfast on the ethernet ports, for preventing a 30s initial forwarding delay. As your users are connected through the hubs, this will not be required but I expect that some user will be switched over at any time.

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Re: Lan with Leasedline to Internet

Thank you for quick reply!

But I don't undestand, when I plug Window2k server to the switch, it has two NIC, one use internal IP address for LAN, one use public IP address issued by ISP, are you sure I no need configure anything to make it work ?

Firewall and router also use public IP addresses, and in another case, if I want to implement NAT on router and/or firewall, what is best for choice ?

My firewall also support VLAN routing and NAT



Re: Lan with Leasedline to Internet

Are you using the Windows 2000 Advanced server as a gateway for LAN clients only? Or are you using it as your Web server?

I'm not very familiar with firewall designs but I think the link below

shows a design that might fit your devices. We can continue with the details if you wish to.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Lan with Leasedline to Internet

Now I have only 1 server, I'm using it for gateway,dns, dhcp, and web. I will get more two server soon, in this scenarion, what you can recommend me ?

My network require running e-mail, web, SQL server and internet access for LAN user and VPN in near future.

PS: I haven't access to link you gave me above, my registration here not privileged.


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