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I have two 1720 router one is connected to one ISP with 1024Kbps and the other have 512 Kbps.

I have three unmanaglable switch.

ONE Where the WAN interfaces are terminated and the intercases which require PubLic ips . IN the Other two swich all the systems are connected

We have 5 CISCO ATA for the VOICE TEAM and these ATAs are configured with Public IPs given the ISP1-1024 Kbps

ISP2-512 Kbps for ADMIN team.

I have two servers running on the LAN all the systems in the LAN are configured with provate IPS and the natting is done in the servers.

ISP1-ONLY for Voice TEAM

ISP2- ONLY for ADMIN team

these are two team we have

Question 1-when ever one isp goes down we run a script on the server whci changes the deafult gate way manually.

How can we Automatically shift the traffic.

question2:IN a LAN with with all the Local systems are configured with private there any way to Monitor the Traffic used each system.

question3.IS there any other way i can design the network to give the Voice team 100 % uptime

can any one help me regarding this.(new proposed or tuning the old)

i here by attching the sample network diagram



you are having all switches unmanagable... or having any one managable?... if you have managable then we can have VLAN and have good design for Haigh Avaibility configuration also...

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I have only unmamagable but will be getting a CISCO 1900 Swicth,

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Answer 1.

To use a Load balancing for default gateway, Switch 1(S1) should be L3 switch. Because It can forward R1 when R2 is down, of course S1 must have 2 routes. The main key is that you need handing routing protocol in S1.

Answer 2.

Well, if you manage NMS program, such as Cisco works or MRTG etc, you can monitor. but you should know all SNMP MIB values.

Answer 3. I don't know. ^^ sorry.

Please post this.

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