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Latency issue in 3500 switch

There are 4 VLAN's . switching comprises of CISCO 4006 cataylst with supervisor engine II as CORE switch , twelve cisco catalyst 3500 series XL( in one building ) and seven 3550 series catalyst as edge switches The backbone connectivity of all switches is through fibre optics .There are 4 VLANS in use ( grouping is based on IP range )

When we ping from one of the PC in any of the VLAN to the switches we are getting a time delay of more than 40ms

The following is the result which I got for a continuous ping at one of the edge switches at XYZ building ( 3500 XL)

Following is the :CPU utilization of the core switch :-

CPU utilization for five seconds: 18.75%

one minute: 19.00%

five minutes: 19.00%

We would like to get clarified on the following points

Is this latency acceptable, if yes then can we get supporting documents regarding it.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Latency issue in 3500 switch

You shoud base the latency and performance of ping going through the switch and not directly at switch CPU. The reason is that these are low priority packets serviced way behind other important control traffic such as spanning tree, port led states, etc. Try pinging through the switch to a directly connected server/device on that same switch and see if the results are the same. As for the CPU issue, see link below.

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Re: Latency issue in 3500 switch

In Url specified :""

they have clarified that it specifically refers to

Catalyst 4000, 2948G, 2980G, and 4912G switches.

The problem we are having is with 3500 Catalyst Switches.

The URL specified above can we say its a general for 3500 Catalyst switches also !

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